March 24, 2023

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Apple will build a car!

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Apple Car Deeper Finance

The leak, which could turn out to be yet another fake news, has been reported by various online magazines and published by the Reuters. According to these “rumors” based on some (and not well defined) internal sources to the hi-tech giant, Apple would have decided to produce an electric car powered by batteries of the same brand with a design that would reduce not only the cost, but would lengthen the duration in terms of distance traveled.

The idea, however, is not new since it would be a project that Apple had already started in 2014 on the basis of the so-called Project Titan that it had later abandoned. And Apple’s electric car was supposed to see the light of day in 2020. But this has not happened.

It should be noted that Apple’s goal of creating a vehicle for the mass market would contrast with the similar already started by rivals such as Waymo of Google’s Alphabet that has decided to produce a robot cab without a driver. Leading the design team would be Doug Field with a background in Tesla. There is always the possibility that Apple decides as in the past to reduce the purpose of yet another project to a single autonomous driving system to be integrated with cars produced by traditional productions as in the case of Apple CarPlay and not a car. From Apple for the moment no comment on the story.

Making a car from scratch, but above all producing it in large numbers has always been a challenge for Apple, which despite being able to produce hundreds of millions of electronic gadgets every year with parts from all over the world, has never made a car that in terms of complexity is considerably more difficult to assemble.

After all, there are 17 years before Elon Musk’s Tesla became a profitable business and one of the largest companies in the U.S. It is also true as many argue that if there is brand that would have the resources to do so, this is Apple, but the car is a far cry from a smartphone, a headset or a laptop.

It’s also unclear who would assemble an Apple-branded car, but the same sources said they expect Apple could rely on a manufacturing partner to produce its car. Apple’s future car, assuming the project has a follow up in the coming years, could also be equipped with lidar sensors to scan distances based on autonomous driving.

Some sensors could even be derived from the lidar that have been developed by Apple and that equip the latest iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro presented in recent months.

As for the car battery, as mentioned, Apple plans to use a single-cell type design that can fill the individual battery cells and thus free up space within the battery pack by eliminating both the bags and modules that contain the battery materials.

Thanks to the new design inside the battery, a longer battery life could be achieved. Apple is testing a lithium iron phosphate chemical solution that is overheat-proof and therefore safer than current lithium-ion batteries. But it’s all still mysterious and up in the air….

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